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CLEANING / WHITENING Professional teeth cleaning is performed to remove plaque and tartar from teeth, it is also done to remove staining from teeth. It is recommended that patients get professional dental cleaning done twice a year for their long-term dental and oral health. Professional dental cleaning takes from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Professional teeth whitening includes dental teeth cleaning, home maintenance kit, and LED treatment to have a brighter smile.

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CROWNS If you have a tooth that's wearing down, cracked, or chipped, we recommend capping it with a dental crown. A crown will help maintain the size, strength, shape, and appearance of your tooth and will be made of Zirconium. Zirconium, is the most biocompatible and durable material that also has a similar aesthetic to teeth.

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VENEERS Dental veneers are custom fittings designed to help hide or correct dental damage, including stains and discoloration, chips and small missing pieces and gaps between the teeth. Veneers are made of zirconium or Emax. They may be beneficial for people who want a long-term solution to persistent cosmetic concerns particularly those that do not respond to other dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, braces, or retainers. During the placement process, we will typically remove a small amount of enamel, which is the thin protective outer covering of the teeth. What is the difference between veneers and crowns? Dental veneers mainly cover the front of a tooth. By contrast, crowns cover the entire tooth, including the front, back, and all the sides.


COSMETIC FILLINGS Is a dental procedure in which a material such as composite (white) filling is used to treat a decayed tooth. This material is inserted into the tooth where it then prevents the further spread of decay or repairs any damage. This treatment stops the decay from spreading into the root where it will cause a serious infection, e.g. an abscess.

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ORTHODONTICS Orthodontics is the area focused on correct misaligned teeth or any issues with the bite like crowding, spaces, crossbites, narrow arches, etc. There are different types of treatments, fixed (the traditional braces) or removable (with the Invisalign system). Invisalign: It’s a treatment made through a digital planning that works with a sequence of clear aligners custom made by 3D impression, that can be removed to eat, practice sports or brush your teeth which make it the most hygienic and the most advanced in technology orthodontic treatment.

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IMPLANTS Dental implants are root-like structures made of titanium, material which our body easily accepts. They come in all shapes and sizes. The implant is surgically placed in your jawbone, where they serve as the roots of missing teeth. Once the metal implant post is placed in your jawbone, osseointegration begins. During this process, the jawbone grows into and unites with the surface of the dental implant. This process, which can take 4-6 months, helps provide a solid base for your new crown. When osseointegration is complete we place the abutment the piece where the crown will eventually attach, we take a dental impression and wait for a week until we can place for your new crown.


DENTAL BRIDGES Dental bridges are an alternative to partial dentures. It is a permanent appliance that replaces a missing tooth or teeth. A bridge can help you eat and speak more effectively and make your teeth look better. In Cozumel dentist we only use zirconium. Zirconium is the strongest and aesthetics all-ceramic dental restoration material on the market.

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DENTURES Dentures are synthetic replacements for missing natural teeth. Complete dentures are designed to help fill out your facial profile and improve your appearance. They also make it easier to eat, chew, and speak regularly. Removable partial dentures (RPD) only replace some missing teeth in your upper or lower jaw. RPDs can be removed at any time and replaced easily. They can restore the natural look, feel, and function of teeth.

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ROOT CANALS Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that relieves pain caused by an infected or abscessed tooth. During the root canal process, the inflamed pulp is removed. The surfaces inside the tooth are then cleaned and disinfected. After this procedure the tooth needs to be sealed with a crown.

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BOTOX & FILLERS We use Botox injections to treat migraines, bruxism, jaw clenching and facial paralysis. Also Botox and dermal fillers alike may be used to treat wrinkles on the face. Each treatment is also delivered via injection. Still, both options have slightly different uses. Botox itself is a muscle relaxer. For wrinkle treatment, Botox is primarily used to treat dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles occur naturally around the eyes and mouth, as well as in between your eyebrows. They become more pronounced with age. Botox injections relax the muscles near these wrinkles. Not allowing the muscles to move reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. The injection process itself takes just a few minutes with noticeable results within two weeks. Dermal fillers treat deep wrinkles and reshape the face giving volume for a smooth look. They’re primarily used to treat smile lines, though the fillers can also be used to plump up the lips or cheeks.

Our team . . .

Novoa Carus



Born in the city of Veracruz, Mexico,  with over 70% of her patients being from the U.S. and Canada.

She loves spending time with her family and friends; she enjoys meeting new people.

Hernández Robledo

UNAM 09307053

Dental Surgeon with speciality on Orthodontics. Invisalign Certified Doctor. Former Invisalign Clinical advisor in Align Technology, helping orthodontists in Mexico and Latin America on how to have better results with Invisalign. He enjoys going to the beach.

Hernández C.



Dental surgeon, implant specialist by MIS implants. He likes to read science fiction books, traveling and learn about the Mayan culture.

Xix Mac

UAM 12803955

Originally from Cozumel, graduated from Universidad Anahuac Mayab one of the best private universities in Mérida, Yucatan. She loves her cats and spending time with her family.

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We have been in Cozumel since 2004, we respect and encourage the highest quality standards on hygiene and dental care, giving a personal and caring touch to every patient.

At Cozumel Dentist we believe that patients will become friends and friends will become family, let us take care of you through our knowledge and experience.

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Very nice dentists, professional and very clean. Would totally recommend anyone without dental coverage in the States to make an appointment!
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